Q&A: The human brain reveals the secrets you’ve always wanted to know, and you may not like the answers

I got the chance to interview the infamous human brain.  He tell’s how to find happiness and answers all sorts of other questions you’ve been dying to know. Q: Why is it that you’re tired and out of it all day, but right before we’d like to go to bed you’re ready to take on

List: 9 Things You Should Know About Lists

Here’s a lists of things you should know about the lists people have been ruining Facebook with.  If you have been taking note of what you’ve seen on Facebook lately you’ve noticed a shit ton of “lists”.    Things like “27 Signs You’re a Kid of the 90’s” or “Top 13 Reasons We Love Farting”.

A World Address

Ryan Ben has given me a unique opportunity. I have the chance to speak to everyone in the world, live on television. I mean, that’s kind of what a blog is right?! Wrong. Anyway, getting the chance to bend the ear of everyone in the world is an important opportunity that should be respected and

Coffee and Ben Russell

  This weekend the American improv community will lose one of my favorite performers.  No one can perform like him and the fact is no one else ever will.  As a fan of comedy and gleeful performance, my comedy loins will sorely miss Benjamin Michael Russell. As a performer you have to look up to

My new media stand

I decided to build my own TV stand because that’s what men do.  During the entire process I thought this was going to turn out horrendous, but I think it turned out ok!  Here’s some shots of the build and the final product.  Thanks to Ben at homemademodern.com for the original design Link to pictures