Branded Content

Branded content is a great way for brands to engage with an online audience. Here is some of the work I’ve written over the years.

Field Producer
Promo & Behind-the-scenes

Writer, Story and Field Producer
Food Network: Holiday Gingerbread Showdown. 2 Seasons.
Pre-production, Scripts, Talent Direction, Story Editing

Writer & Story Director
Nike+ / Suite Partners Ad Agency

Field Producer
Promo, Behind-the-scenes, and Bonus Content


Kulr Technologies
Animated Explainer Video
Creative Director & Writer

Head Writer & Producer
Restoration Rollout & Craftsman Screw’d
Client: Craftsman Tools
Head Writer and Director of all Craftsman video content including web shows, tool commercials, how-to videos, interviews and more.
2013 Chicago Emmy Nominee: Outstanding Achievement in Interactivity

This was a 24 episode series documenting a hot rod shop in Libertyville, IL as the restomodded an old pick-up truck. The series was later nominated for a Chicago Emmy for “Outstanding Acheivement in Interactivity”. It was the only made-for-web video in its category.


Craftsman Screw’d was an online reality show with one contestant who had to learn how to use tools, and would then be dumped in the wilderness where he would have to use his newfound tool skills to build his way out. The only help he got was from fans watching live.

Winner of 2012 SXSW ‘Business Interactive’ Award.

Branded Content
Teflon Work Gear
Client: Craftsman
Writer, Director

Craftsman sells tools right? The more projects viewers take on, the more tools they need. The more tools they need, the more instruction they need. The more they learn, the more tools they buy. See the pattern?

Product Promos

Kenmore Grills
Brand: Kenmore

A promotional video for a new Kenmore grill. (Low-budget)

Television Ad
Weekend RV
Brand: Les Schwab
Wrote Visuals to Narration w/ Animator

Working with animation is always fun. On this project I worked with animators at Digital Kitchen to come up with visuals that would sync up with actual customer testimonial.



Brand Immersion

Lucky Cat: An Art Exhibition Celebrating Fortune
Brand: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This was a fun thing to work on! An ode to good fortune, this was an exhibit at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas with the intent of catching the attention of the troves of people on the Vegas strip and alluring them in to the hotel. Inside was a museum of ancient artifacts and relics that were famous (or infamous) for their good fortune. At the center, a giant silver Maneki-neko cat that brings fortune. This lucky cat submits cards that have fortunes. I came up with the backstory of each artifact and wrote over 150 fortunes written in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas tone.


Social Media Updating

Microsoft Bing Social Platforms
Brand: Bing

Social Media updates for Microsoft’s Bing. This included writing topical animations and gif’s as well as daily status updates.


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OOH Branding 
Billboards and Web Banners
Client: Hyatt

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.56.22 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.56.47 PM



Product Descriptions

SEO and Standard

Multiple clients and products. I write copy that targets the intended audience and gets them excited about what the possibilities of owning whatever it is you’re trying to move off the shelves or out of the warehouse.

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