How Barry Trotz impacted MY game

  While a pro team losing a head coach is always inevitable, I think NHL hockey in Nashville is going to feel this for a while. Barry Trotz is the reason people in Nashville love hockey, and in my case, he personally went out of his way to deliver.  He fostered not only my love…

Coca-Cola is Multi-National

You’re a hypocrite if you think the Coca-Cola ad that aired during the Super Bowl was offensive, but you may not know why. Hear me out…   By now I’m pretty sure we’ve all at least seen the ad Coca-Cola aired during the big game on Feb. 3rd.  It features “America the Beautiful” being sung…

List: 9 Things You Should Know About Lists

Here’s a lists of things you should know about the lists people have been ruining Facebook with.  If you have been taking note of what you’ve seen on Facebook lately you’ve noticed a shit ton of “lists”.    Things like “27 Signs You’re a Kid of the 90’s” or “Top 13 Reasons We Love Farting”….

A World Address

Ryan Ben has given me a unique opportunity. I have the chance to speak to everyone in the world, live on television. I mean, that’s kind of what a blog is right?! Wrong. Anyway, getting the chance to bend the ear of everyone in the world is an important opportunity that should be respected and…

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