Coca-Cola is Multi-National

You’re a hypocrite if you think the Coca-Cola ad that aired during the Super Bowl was offensive, but you may not know why. Hear me out…


By now I’m pretty sure we’ve all at least seen the ad Coca-Cola aired during the big game on Feb. 3rd.  It features “America the Beautiful” being sung in many languages across many different nations. What seems to have risen the stink is that people who ain’t American are singing an American song. Just ask yourself something, and be fair here: Maybe people across the world singing a song that salutes our country is a good thing? Like maybe a sign of respect? I would think so.  Plus, Coca-cola isn’t an “America Only” company. It’s one of the most popular brands worldwide. A company based in America, and sold in just about every store and restaurant on the planet. So what is wrong with people around the world enjoying an American product and singing an American song? It’s strange that people are offended by this notion. So let’s ask ourselves one more question, and be honest here: What’s the point of invading all these countries if we don’t want them to be more American?


Coca-Cola said they’d “like to teach the world to sing” and they did. You can say you’ll boycott Coke, and you know what? Go ahead. They don’t need you. You won’t hurt their margins at all. Also, by whining about it you’re helping that brand create top of mind awareness. Good job.


So, one last question, and be honest here: Do you really know what you’re upset about? Or are you just trained to get upset or offended when the subject of your country is touched on in an unfamiliar way? 


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