How Do You Use Toilet Paper- A Prank Call

Well, how do you use it?  Did you know that companies put an 800 number on their products?  They say that if you have any questions or comments to give them a call.  I always thought that was weird.  If someone is eating cheez-its and they think, “hey I need to call them and tell them I like what they got goin on”, then they just call.  Why?  Why is that number there?  I’m not sure, but one day I read that the policy for most customer service lines is that you can’t hang up on a customer that isn’t being offensive.  So, I decided to test it.  I called up a toilet paper company’s questions and comments line and made them explain to me how to use their product.  Afterwards, I decided to act some it out and post it in this video.  Check out this classiness. 


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