Jimmy Fallon Will Someday Be As Lame As You Thought Jay Was

Let’s just put to bed a couple of things that have been going around social circles about the Late Night switch-up.


Preface: I’ve been know to roll my eyes at Jimmy Fallon, but over the years I’ve matured and I’ve grown to appreciate comedy for what it is: comedy. If people enjoy it, its working. Just wanted to be upfront with you about that. Ok, on to the story…


So you say Jimmy will be funnier because all Jay did was tell jokes my lame parents like.

Yes, as will be the case with Jimmy. Generations grow up. In 10 years or less, you will be the lame one. Kids will believe what you think is funny is “lame” and what is funny to them looks like nonsense (e.g. a carnie farting into a waffle cone) to you. The monologue on Fallon will make your kid’s eyes roll, but you’ll still think it’s the funniest thing on TV. Brace yourselves, you’re getting old and lame pretty fast.


Jay doesn’t seem gracious about giving up the seat.

Why does this keep showing up as something that’s an issue? Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show for Johnny Freaking Carson (the best. ever. seriously). You really think he’s just going to say, “oh great here yeah go ahead and take this job that changed my life.” Surely some of you played sports in high school or college.  Remember that last game as a senior? If it were up to you you’d probably still be playing right? I’m sure he’s been very kind about it, but its a tough thing to do no matter who you are.

So, let’s give Jay Leno credit. He was a seasoned comedian by the time he took over The Tonight Show. He used to drive from Boston to NYC and back on a daily basis just to get on a stage at a small club for 5 minutes. He was part of the writer’s strike at the Comedy Store. I never watched him on a regular basis but he did the job and he did it well. Most importantly, he’s a great comic. 


So yeah…

Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show might seem like the greatest thing ever for you. You might think that it’s good they finally got an old guy out of the way for someone young and hip, but just know that Leno was barely 42 when he took over The Tonight Show. Only a 3 years difference between him and Fallon. So get ready people. This changing of the guard on late night rings in the new era. You are now on deck to become the next generation to become…LAMMMME muaaaaahahahaha!!!


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