Royal Slap in the Face

Ain’t this just the perfect metaphor of the way royalty interacts with the rest of the population?

QUEEN: “Hey there little girl.”

LITTLE GIRL: “Ello there Queen. Its an honor to finally meet you!”

QUEEN: “Oh, I see you’re holding some flowers”

LITTLE GIRL: “Yes’m. Put in the hard work to pick these me self”

QUEEN: “Give me those flowers”

LITTLE GIRL: “Well you’re the Queen so I, uh, yeah. Fine here I guess.”

QUEEN: “Good girl”

LITTLE GIRL: “It was nice to meet you.”


We look up to royalty. And look at “royalty” as a loose term. That can be any celebrity. We look up to people who are much richer than we’ll ever be and then we get smacked in the face for it. The only positive situation here is that this little girl is learning this lesson at an early age.


So anyway, this little girl was holding flowers. Perhaps she grows her own flowers. Hell, you should grow your own flowers.It’s so easy to do! It’s also easy to grow your own herbsfor home cooking purposes. Click on either link to find more out.


Did this post make you want to hit yourself in the head with a shovel?That’s great because you can get one here!!!

Once you’ve grown your own flowers all you need to do is get your own tiaraand you’ll be your own queen! Then you can slap anyone you want in the face.

Good luck!

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