Mike from Cincinnati

There’s nothing here. I came all this way and have worked so hard to get here, only to find nothing. It was all supposed to be here, but its not. So what do I now? I’ve come too far to just turn around and go back from where I came with nothing. The trip log…

Royal Slap in the Face

Ain’t this just the perfect metaphor of the way royalty interacts with the rest of the population? QUEEN: “Hey there little girl.” LITTLE GIRL: “Ello there Queen. Its an honor to finally meet you!” QUEEN: “Oh, I see you’re holding some flowers” LITTLE GIRL: “Yes’m. Put in the hard work to pick these me self”…

A Tale of Two Mustaches

      This might be the strangest video I’ve ever edited together but it makes me laugh every damn time. It’s gonna make you feel weird. Some of you might even say, “what the fuck am I watching?” You know something? You need to watch more videos that make you say that to yourself….

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