A Tale of Two Mustaches




This might be the strangest video I’ve ever edited together but it makes me laugh every damn time. It’s gonna make you feel weird. Some of you might even say, “what the fuck am I watching?” You know something? You need to watch more videos that make you say that to yourself. Get out of your comfort zone.


There are two sources for this video and I’ve posted them below. If you haven’t seen at least the one that has the mullet guy in it, I suggest you check that out first.

Here’s my edit:

Here’s the fictional backstory of the video above:

In 1987, legend roamed the country that there was the most dominant of mustache men. He traveled the country and could out-skat any man of similar Stache-ture. On this particular day, he gained a new nemesis: Sweater Dan. Sweater Dan was the town’s best Mustache Man. That was, until the traveling mustache man showed up. Sweater Dan can’t skat like he can. But, Dan can stare.

Source videos:




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