Royal Slap in the Face

Ain’t this just the perfect metaphor of the way royalty interacts with the rest of the population? QUEEN: “Hey there little girl.” LITTLE GIRL: “Ello there Queen. Its an honor to finally meet you!” QUEEN: “Oh, I see you’re holding some flowers” LITTLE GIRL: “Yes’m. Put in the hard work to pick these me self”

Jimmy Fallon Will Someday Be As Lame As You Thought Jay Was

Let’s just put to bed a couple of things that have been going around social circles about the Late Night switch-up.   Preface: I’ve been know to roll my eyes at Jimmy Fallon, but over the years I’ve matured and I’ve grown to appreciate comedy for what it is: comedy. If people enjoy it, its

List: 9 Things You Should Know About Lists

Here’s a lists of things you should know about the lists people have been ruining Facebook with.  If you have been taking note of what you’ve seen on Facebook lately you’ve noticed a shit ton of “lists”.    Things like “27 Signs You’re a Kid of the 90’s” or “Top 13 Reasons We Love Farting”.